Monday, December 18, 2006

More Babies!!!

My doggie parents, Maxwell & Grace, had more babies!
They were born on November 18, 2006.
Here is a picture of my mom, Grace, with her new litter:

More sisters and brothers for me! *wags tail*
I wish them all much luck, happiness and health.
I also hope they all get nice new homes when they are ready.

If you want to see more pictures of them - go here: Faithful Weims

I've been Christmas tagged!!

I've been tagged by Freda and Yuki

The Rules: The player of this game starts with "3 things they would love to get for Christmas" and also has to list "3 things they definitely do not want to get for Christmas". Then they tag five friends and list their names. The ones who get tagged need to write on their blogs about their Christmas wishes, and state this rule clearly, then tag five more mates. And the one who tags need to leave a comment that says "you've been Christmas tagged!" in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

For Christmas I would like:
1) A bone the size of Manhattan
2) A new crate (mom and dad made mine escape proof. I need a new one that I can escape from)
3) A new toy

For Christmas I do not want:
1) Another sister. Ruby is enough.
2) Mom and Dad to go to NJ for the weekend to see their human family and leave me home.
3) To have my ear cleaned or nails clipped.

I am tagging: Gunter, Bella, Cairo, Indy, & Sam I Am

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

*Happy 1st Birthday*

Today is my first birthday!! After I was done eating my breakfast, mom and dad surprised me with a birthday bone!

This is me & dad. Dont I look surprised?
It tasted really yummy and I even shared a little bit of it with my sister, Ruby. When she turns one, I hope she will share her bone with me too.

Birthdays are GREAT !!!
I'd also like to give a shout out and wish all of my brothers and sisters a Happy Birthday too!!!

Friday, December 01, 2006

My sister, Ruby

My mom told Ruby and I that we have to behave because Santa Doggie will be coming soon. She said if we are good, we will get treats. *wags tail*

I've been trying to be really good, but its so hard to be good when you have a sister like Ruby. She loves to rough house. Mom just looks at us, shakes her head and says "Kids..." ha!

Here is a picture of Ruby and I wrestling. She even sits on top of me sometimes! But I wouldnt trade her for the world - she is my best friend.

Thats why I am dedicating this post to her today. I want to let everyone know how wonderful it is to have a doggie sister to share your toys with, to snuggle on the blankie with and to run around the house like a nut with! She keeps me entertained when mom and dad are busy. And its also nice to have someone to get in trouble with.

Here is my sister Ruby looking oh so sweet:

Friday, November 03, 2006

We're back!

Wow, we are finally back! Mom had some computer problems and we weren't online for awhile. I just want to report that we are alive and well.

Ruby and I are doing good. We've been steadily chewing up the house, err, I mean our toys. We are constantly playing and getting along really very well.

I finally learned to like my crate and no longer freak out when I am left home in it. I think it helps that Ruby is in her crate right next to mine, so now I dont feel so alone.

Since I last posted, something scary happened to me. My mom took me to the vet and I had to stay over night. I was scared there. And then I came home and had stitches on my belly. My mom said it was something called a Spay. My tummy hurt for a few days but then Ruby had me up and running around like my normal self. I didnt touch the stitches at all... mom told me that I was a very good girl.

This was me after I got my "spay" - I was sleepy when I came home.

Mom is having problems with Ruby. She just wont housebreak. I learned right away, but Ruby is still going in the house. That makes mom upset because Ruby pees on the new hardwood floor. Ruby also pees in her sleep. Mom took her to the vet, but they didnt find anything wrong. We are all hoping that she grows out of it. Maybe the muscles that make her able to "hold it" havent fully developed yet.

Monday, July 17, 2006

We're Feeling Better !

Ruby and I are finally feeling better. I say "we" because just as Ruby was starting to get better, I got sick. Turns out Ruby had two things - Coccidia and Giardia. I caught them from her. Yuck! But I wasnt nearly as sick as she was. I just had watery poopies for three or four days. As soon as mom saw my poop getting icky, she called the vet and he gave me medicine right away. I dont really like taking pills, but I took these because I didn't want to get as sick as my little sister was.
Mom said please ignore the wood floor in this picture - mom and dad are getting hard wood floors put in - in the meantime its just this yucky plywood.

When we were both better, mom and dad decided to take us to the big park in Salisbury, as a treat! We walked on the trail and saw lots of geese, squirrels, ducks, people jogging and other dogs. It was very exciting. Then we went to a little area that was fenced in and mom let Ruby off her lease to run with me. I had to stay on my retractable leash because the gate entrances were open and wouldnt close - mom didnt want me to run out and into traffic. We had a lot of fun!

I cant wait for the fence to be finished in our backyard so Ruby and I can go outside and just run and run and run! Right now, we are always on our retractable leashes. I guess its cause mom is afraid that we will run in the road and get hurt.

Last time I went to NJ with mom and dad, they went over a friends house and I got to meet a Golden doggie who lived with those people. Well, the poor doggie died last week. She was two years old. Mom said that she got sick in her people's car and when her family pulled over to clean her up, she jumped out of the car and in front of a truck. Poor doggie. I was very sad because I liked her a lot. Dont let your doggies off leash any place where they can run in the road!

Other news: I have discovered a new love of ice cubes! I have been drinking a lot because its hot, but I drink too quick sometimes and throw up. Mom has started to give me some ice cubes to chew on before she lets me drink my water. She said it gives me some cold ice to cool me down a little bit before I drink - so I wont over do it. Me? Over do it? Never! *wags tail mischeviously*

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Its been a crazy month!

Sorry I haven't updated my blog in a few weeks. Its been a little chaotic here at my humans house. My little sister, Ruby, has been very sick.
9 days after she came to live with us, she started having really icky poop with blood and slimy stuff in it. It was all watery and stuff. Gross. She wasnt eating very much and was throwing up.

My mom took her to the vet (scary!!) and they said she was dehydrated too. They gave her a shot and put lumps of water under her skin. Ruby looked like a camel. But really I was sad for her. My mom had to take home a bag of the water stuff from the vet and every few hours she had to put a needle in Ruby and give her more lumps of water under her skin.

After three visits to the vet in one week, they diagnosed Ruby with both Coccidia and Giardia. Mom was very worried that Ruby was going to go to doggie heaven because she was so sick. But, Ruby has been doing better the past few days now. Her poop is back to normal and she is eating and playing and being a happy puppy again!

I am happy too. Because now I have my playmate back. I love her very much. We go everywhere together. I take good care of her too. My mom said I would make a good mommie because I hold Ruby down and clean her face, ears & belly.

My mom is worried about me getting sick now too. So she is going to call the vet and see if she can get pills for me too... just in case. My poop is fine right now, but my mom doesnt want to take chances with me getting sick. I am healthy and happy.

Although there is one thing I am sad about. My doggie parents, Grace and Maxwell had a reunion party last month. I wanted to go to see my littermates and my older siblings but because mom had to stay home to take care of Ruby (she was getting the water lumps all weekend) we couldnt go. Coopers mom sent us a group picture though - and everyone is beautiful, just like me. I hope they do this again sometime because I would love to see everyone.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

My little sister, Ruby

Well yesterday mom and dad were gone alllll day. When they came home that night, they had a surprise for me.......
My new little sister was finally home!
Her name is Cinnamon Girl's Ruby - but we call her Ruby Girl.

She is pretty small, compared to me. But then again, I am 6 months old now. My new sister is a Vizsla & was born 4.23.06 in Virginia.
So far I really like her, we have been playing a lot. She licks my nose and bites my face. I try to play nice but I do get a little carried away. I forget that she is so small and I am so much bigger than her ... so I knocked her down a few times and made her cry once. But I am sure as the days go by I will learn my own strength and be gentle with the little monster, errr, I mean, my little adorable sister.
This is us playing last night when she first arrived:

As for an update about me, the shining star of this blog - I am doing well. I have grown a lot!! My mom and dad are going to take me to get fixed (I didnt know I was broken?) soon at the vets. They said they are waiting until after the Puppy Party that my doggie parents are having later this month. They said they wanted to make sure that I would be all well and not have to worry about stitches or anything since there will be like 11 other weimies (my brothers and sisters and parents) will be at the party. I am really looking forward to seeing Bella and Gunner and Ryder and Cooper and Grace my mom and Maxwell my dad and every one else!
*wags tail* Its a happy life for me!